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Court of the Abominatrix

About This Book

Do Not Open the Doors.
Do Not Wander the Labyrinth.
Do Not Attempt to Learn the Truth.

After encounters with women turn suddenly surreal, Owen, Jones, Frank, and six other men awaken in a labyrinth with no memory of how they got there.

They have been chosen.

Shifting walls and iron doors meant to keep things out as well as in aren’t the only obstacles to their escape. Something is hunting them. The maze is a battleground for uncountable hordes of nightmarish creatures, each more twisted and horrific than the last. Even worse, some among the chosen may not be completely sane… or fully human. Their numbers dwindling, the survivors learn the purpose of their imprisonment is not sport, or food, or punishment. It is something worse. Their only hope may be to face the ancient horror at the labyrinth’s heart… an abomination able to warp reality and perception alike.

They aren’t the first to venture into her lair. They won’t be the last.

Beware the Mother of Horrors.