Welcome To October Falls
Dec 052016

Never try to predict the future.

I should have learned that lesson a long time ago.  My inability to determine the lengths and schedules of my projects beforehand is so well-established that I consider it more of an endearing quirk than a character flaw.  With that in mind, my previous post on what my next few projects would be was, as I warned at the time, mere guesses.   As guesses go, it was more accurate than most I’ve made.   I DID publish an October Falls anthology and not just one, but two Crusade collections, as promised.   But I can pretty much tell you that the remainder of that list is out the window.    Magekiller, Saint Noir, Darker, Other Side of the Eye will get done eventually, but they are no longer on the short list of things to work on in the next year.

So what IS on that short list?

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Nov 022016

There are people in my head again.

I hear them talking, but they don’t know I exist yet.

I learn more about them every day, and now I have the overwhelming urge to do horrible things to them…

…and write down what happens.