Welcome To October Falls
Dec 282016

A group of teenagers, one of which is the younger brother of Heather from the original Blair Witch Project, pack up their video equipment and trek into the Black Hills in search of answers.   They are joined by a pair of shifty-looking locals that claim to have some inside knowledge.   Together they find… the same shit that the first group of whiny dumbasses found.  Roll Credits.

I can’t really say what I was expecting.  Certain corners of the internet gave me the impression that this new movie had some unexpected twist that took the familiar tale into some new, awesome direction.

Either they lied or this “twist” was so shocking that my mind erased all memory of it to protect itself. Continue reading »

Dec 172016

You’re an author.   You’ve seen tantalizing tales of people making a career out of self-publishing their books on Amazon Kindle.   You want to be one of them, so off you go-


Your first obstacle:  You Have No Idea What You’re Doing.   Fortunately, there is an easy fix.   All you have to do is read an ebook or two, maybe take a video course.  Hey, there’s some folks offering paid mentoring-

Wait, wait, wait… hold on.  Before you spend your money or cough up your email address for some mailing list, here are some basic things that you shouldn’t have to pay for or spend hours researching to know.

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Dec 052016

Never try to predict the future.

I should have learned that lesson a long time ago.  My inability to determine the lengths and schedules of my projects beforehand is so well-established that I consider it more of an endearing quirk than a character flaw.  With that in mind, my previous post on what my next few projects would be was, as I warned at the time, mere guesses.   As guesses go, it was more accurate than most I’ve made.   I DID publish an October Falls anthology and not just one, but two Crusade collections, as promised.   But I can pretty much tell you that the remainder of that list is out the window.    Magekiller, Saint Noir, Darker, Other Side of the Eye will get done eventually, but they are no longer on the short list of things to work on in the next year.

So what IS on that short list?

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