Welcome To October Falls
Sep 222016

Literally just a few minutes ago I finished editing the next Crusade collection.   Next is a (hopefully) quick proofreading, then cover  art and publication.    This whole thing is taking longer than I’d planned, mostly due to the length of the text.   At over 130,000 words, we’re well into the full-length novel territory… substantially longer than the previous collection.    I’ll definitely have this finished before Halloween.   More than likely I’ll only need a week or two.     But in either case, my plans for publishing something brand new for Halloween are on hold, as there’s just not enough time to get that done along with Crusade.    I DO plan on putting something else out before the end of the year, though.   It might be still more Crusade, but I’d like to do something new.  We’ll see.

So, just to be conservative, let’s put Halloween as a publication date for Crusade, Volume 2.    I fully expect to have it out before then, though, so keep checking back for updates.