Iron Dead
Feb 032016

Sorry for the lack of update (or writing progress) recently, but January has turned out to be the worst month I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had one death in the family, and two other family members hospitalized, all for different things. I need to focus on not letting the stress make me sick for a couple more whatevers.

Dec 122015

I had hoped to have the next anthology published by now, but I’m a bit behind. The holidays are involving a bit more traveling than normal this year, and I haven’t written for more than an hour since Thanksgiving. So I DO expect to finish writing that last story this month, actually putting things together and coming up with a cover might push things into January. I’ll keep you posted.

Nov 222015

I began offering selections from my library for sale on Amazon with the intent of testing the waters… to see if it was worth my time to write new stories. From the start, I knew I couldn’t base any conclusions on just a few books; I’d need to see results from five to ten books before I could make any kind of decision. I’ve only got three books for sale now, but I figure some people might be interested in what I’ve seen so far. If you’re one of those people, then read on.
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Oct 312015

Happy Halloween, everybody.
However you celebrate (or don’t), stay safe.

I’m not the kind of guy that dresses up for Halloween, but if I WAS, I’d be damn mad that somebody else thought of this before me: The Thing

Oct 212015

You were warned.

I’m not going to go back and actually look, but I’m pretty sure I said that my list of “upcoming projects” was tentative and subject to change.

Wellll… it changed.

Not to worry.   As changes go, this one is pretty good.

My current project is STILL the “Welcome to October Falls” anthology.   However, I felt that I needed to publish something sooner in celebration of my favorite holiday.  There was no way I could finish the October Falls anthology by Halloween, but I most certainly could grab some of my other short stories and make a mini-anthology over a long weekend and a few late nights.     So that’s what I did.

My newest Amazon publication is “The Henry County Horror and Other Short, Brutish Tales“.

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Oct 072015

Quite a few weeks ago I announced that I was converting the old Book of Dark Places multimedia files to video and uploading them to YouTube, beginning with the very first story: Damnation Denied.    That project has been chugging along silently and without fanfare since then.   Tonight, however, I uploaded the final video in the Damnation Denied series and thought I’d mention it.

Some author’s notes follow.

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