Welcome To October Falls
May 312016

Sometime in the next couple of months I’ll be introducing the Kindle audience to my Crusade action/horror series. I’ve got enough episodes for at least four novel-length volumes, and the plan is to publish the first two in back-to-back releases this year, followed by… something new… hopefully around October. This is a slight deviation from the plan I announced earlier, but I like this better.
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Mar 302016

I’m please to announce that my next anthology, Welcome to October Falls, will be released on or before April 11th. At this point, the only remaining work is a bit of proofreading, a lot of formatting, writing some author’s notes, and obtaining/creating a cover. I also need to figure out what, if any, advertising I will be doing and get it all set up before launch. My goal is to have this all done BEFORE April 11th, but I’m giving myself some extra time in case something (else) unexpected happens.

I haven’t decided on a permanent price for the quartet of stories, but when I publish it I will either run a free promotion (like the last anthology) or launch it at 99cents (like everything else). I’ll work out those details this weekend.

Mar 012016

Things aren’t back to normal for me yet, but I feel like I’m starting to use recent personal events as an excuse to slide back into “screw it; I’ll just play video games” mode. It’s time to get back to work.

So where did I leave off? Oh. Right. The October Falls anthology.
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