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Status Report – 1/23/17

In keeping with my effort to make this site more engaging, I’m going start posting weekly status reports. This should give you an idea of what I’m doing and when you can expect something new. It should also help incentivize me to keep working on important things rather than just playing video games. Not that […]

Eric Hood vs Blair Witch (2016)

A group of teenagers, one of which is the younger brother of Heather from the original Blair Witch Project, pack up their video equipment and trek into the Black Hills in search of answers.   They are joined by a pair of shifty-looking locals that claim to have some inside knowledge.   Together they find… the same […]

What’s Next

Never try to predict the future. I should have learned that lesson a long time ago.  My inability to determine the lengths and schedules of my projects beforehand is so well-established that I consider it more of an endearing quirk than a character flaw.  With that in mind, my previous post on what my next few projects […]