A word from the Author

“Dust To Dust” is one of my first serial fiction projects, dating back at least a decade and a half.  Written under the pseudonym “Dark Icon” and with the less-than-impressive title “The Young Ones,” this story was one of my earliest forays into action-horror.  Most of what I wrote at that time was hard fantasy. I needed to know if I could do something other than wizards and magic, and if I would enjoy it. I’d say the answer was yes to both.Guns, demons, and improvised explosives can be every bit as fun as wizards and magic.  Who knew!?

This tale is largely untouched from its initial draft. I modernized a few outdated references; toned down the language a bit; and changed the name of the immortal/immoral street gang from which the story derived its original title. Those who read the story years ago will immediately recognize and appreciate this more polished version.   For new readers, this story exemplifies two pillars of my storytelling style:  people that are more (and less) than human, and characters that fight back... hard.  True, you don't see any claws or tentacles, but this is every bit an Eric Hood story.  Besides,  just because you don't SEE the tentacles doesn't mean they aren't there.   

I've always maintained that each of my stories is but a thread in a greater tapestry that connects everything I write, transcending time, tone, and genre.  This story is no exception.  While I don't name-drop the Abominatrix or mention a certain haunted town in south Georgia, you will notice thematic similarities between this work and the Crusade series which came years later. Consider “Dust To Dust” a beta test for ideas that spawned Jason Brooks and his demon-killing exploits, now available on Kindle.  If you're looking for a more concrete connection, I'll give you this:  There is an October Falls in Jeremy Daily's Georgia.  

I hope you enjoy the story.

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