Three Quick Zombie Movie Recommendations

Train To Busan – Zombies on a Train! I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this Korean zombie movie being quite good. The buzz is mostly true. No, it isn’t the Chosen One of zombie movies, but it is quite enjoyable. My favorite moment is when of the older passengers realizes she is trapped in a train car with a bunch of monsters. Her actions at first seem incredibly dumb, but once you think about it… yeah, I might have done the same.

Seoul Station – Is an animated prequel to Train to Busan, showing the initial stages of the zombie outbreak, which begins among the homeless population. There is no train, but there are some harrowing moments and lots of social commentary that you can ignore or enjoy according to your tastes. The main plotline takes an incredibly dark and unexpected turn at the end. Yeah, it ends the way you’d expect, but the events leading up to it… wow.

The Girl with All the Gifts
– (This one is in English, lol.) There’s some sort of worldwide(?) fungal outbreak that turns people into zombies, and the military is studying some semi-immune children in hopes of finding a cure. These kids are intelligent and behave like normal children until an uninfected person gets too close… then it’s Feeding Time. Unfortunately “study” means “dissect”, which leads to a moral crisis that is the whole crux of the movie. This movie is pretty standard zombie fare, with some good zombie carnage scenes near the beginning. It’s unique in that you honestly won’t know how you want the movie to end. It’s a new twist on the “humans are the real monsters” meme. I think you’ll enjoy it.

In fact, I think you’ll enjoy all of them. I recommend checking them out.

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