Now Open: The Eric Hood Reader’s List

What is it?
If you’ve been on the internet for more than 10 minutes you know what a mailing list is. You join it, and I send you emails. In my case, probably one or two emails a month. I’m also offering one of my serial action/horror novellas, “Dust to Dust”, free to subscribers.

Why did I create this when I have a website and a Facebook page?
I’ve asked myself this very same question, frequently and recently. Here’s the truth: Every site that has a mailing list has it for the same purpose: marketing. They (and even I) will tell you it’s about building relationships with fans and keeping in touch… and it is. But it’s also about eventually trying to sell you something. Not often. Not right away. But eventually. I’ve got a Facebook page, a website, and a Twitter account. I can inform and engage with my fans all day long with just those things. Why this list? Because there is something fundamentally different between sending people information and just waiting for them to come get it. This is why every… literally EVERY… successfully independent author has a mailing list. In fact, for a lot of them their website and Facebook presences exist for the sole purpose of funneling people onto their list. When they talk about how they market their books, they make it sound impossible to make a dollar, let alone make a living, without a list. Who am I to argue with that without trying it first? That’s why.

Given the answer to the above question, why should I join the list?
The free novella isn’t doing it for ya, huh? In addition to status reports that you can also get on this website, I will be posting original content that will only be available (or will be available FIRST) to subscribers. Short stories. Draft chapters. Cover art. Behind-the-scenes author’s notes of projects past, present, and future. That kind of stuff. You’ll also get an occasional review of a book (or series) that I like. (Yes, I review stuff on my website, but that’ll be movies and other media, not books). And every once in a while, mixed in with all that stuff, I’ll remind you that I’ve got books you can buy and to leave reviews when you do so. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, join the list. If you’re not into that kind of stuff but you enjoy my stories… join the list anyway and try it out. I might change your mind.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Privacy, Blah, Blah…
Unlike other lists you may have joined, I won’t be selling or lending your email address to other people. I also will not be selling other people’s products. (Although, as I said, I may review something every once in a while). You are free to unsubscribe at any time. However, there will be no refunds of any souls, first born, or cases of Southern Comfort offered in exchange for membership.

How can I help?
The list is now live, but I consider it to be in “beta” status now. I’m only posting links to the free novella/subscription page on Facebook and this website. I’ll be adding a banner for it after I work through some technical problems. What you can do to help is join the list, download the free book, skim through it (or, you know, actually read it) and let me know of any and all issues you encounter anywhere in that process. Did the subscription not work? Did I misspell something in the welcome email? Is the formatting of the ebook screwed up? I need to know all of that, hopefully before I start advertising this thing.

5 thoughts on “Now Open: The Eric Hood Reader’s List

  1. Signed up for the reader’s list, check. Received email to confirm, check. Confirmed, check. Received email to download story, check. Link for story does not work. Receiving the following message:

    Uh oh, Bitly couldn’t find a link for the bitly URL you clicked.
    Most Bitlinks are 4-6 characters, and only include letters and numbers (and are case sensitive).

    Also, since you asked, the text beside the check boxes on this page asking about notifications for postings/comments are nearly impossible to read. Black text on dark grey background.

  2. That’s interesting. The link in the email I sent myself worked just fine.
    Do me a favor. Click the link again and let’ see if it works. Meanwhile, I’ll send you a direct (non-Bitly) link that you can use in case it doesn’t.

    1. I still get the error. I’ve tried it on my smartphone and laptop. I even tried subscribing again but nothing seems to be happening.

      Don’t sweat it. I’ll check again tomorrow

      1. Thanks for trying again. The subscription part works fine; I can see your email address in the list. That’s probably why subscribing again doesn’t work so well.

        I’d like to know if anyone else is getting the same.

        1. The “original link” link in the separate email you sent worked finemail. I did not have to use the “where it goes to” link.

          Thanks. I’ll be starting this book during lunch tomorrow.

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